YKMseries high speed printing die cutting machine

Fully Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine

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全自動高速水墨印刷開槽模切機Fully Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine


Fully Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine


◆ 整臺機器是按照高要求,可靠性及安全性而設計制造。快速換單、操作方便。

◆ 選用優 質材料及配件。

◆ 傳動齒輪加硬,研磨而成,洛氏硬度 >60 度。

◆ 自動歸零。

◆ 所有間隙手動或電動調整。

◆ 所有滾動軸鍍鉻,增強硬度。

◆ 采用進口 PLC、觸摸屏多功能控制,具有存儲常用訂單、清洗印版自動復位功能。

Use and Characteristics:

◆ The whole machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with high requirements,reliability and safety. Quick change of order, easy to operate.

◆ Select quality materials and accessories.

◆ The transmission gear is hardened and ground to a hardness of >60.

◆ Zero automatically.

◆ All clearance is adjusted manually or electronically.

◆ All rolling shafts are chrome plated to increase hardness.

◆ It adopts the multi-function control of imported PLC and touch screen, with the function of storing common orders and automatic reset of printing plate cleaning.

Fully Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine


◆ 預壓輪裝置:電動聯動式開槽,壓線、預壓一次完成。

◆ 電動調整紙箱的長、寬、高及折疊部分,數字顯示。

◆ 壓線輪間隙手動調整,刻度盤顯示調整數值。

◆ 開槽刀厚度7mm,合金鋼材質,鋸齒形熱處理齒形研磨,刀刃鋒利,精密度高。

◆ 開槽相位采用電腦電動數值式360度調整。

◆ 追加手提孔模座。

◆ 在開槽部裝有連鎖控制開關,實現急停,停送或恢復送紙。

Use and Characteristics:

◆ Prepressing wheel Electically couped storting and ciutng and prepressing

◆ Autonatically adusted oreuo cdata sot ng wih freouency convertef fevision lo ensurehigh precinion

◆ Manuially adusted sconng wheel clesrance weh adutment data d solayod on the diai7mm aloy steel scoring knves wih ndent heat treatmont to enable gnnding teeth shap edge and high precison

◆ PLC louch screen and molbrized dotal scodegree adjustiment adopted lorm toirting phase with order beng abie tostatd

◆ Additonal portable orifice die backer

◆ Equpped with the inerlock control switch at sloting unt to acheve stop orresurmepaper teed.

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